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Slave Multizone slave without variables

Categories : Controllers and expansion modules, GENIUS Modules, Ventilation

Recognized leader when it comes to smart controllers aimed at the agricultural sector, Monitrol greatly facilitates remote livestock management for all types of animal production by way of the FarmQuest application.

Multizone slave to be used with a master Genius controller to add relay outputs.

Slave modules to increase its capacity to a total of 10 0-10 Volt outputs and 120 relay outputs. The main controller, as well as slave units using 35 or 40 relays.

The relay outputs can be used as a ventilation stage, a stir fan, a heater, a sprinkler, a clock output, a feeder output, a feed auger, a high water alarm relay output, a water flush output, a
feed drop output, a distribution panel, an egg conveyor, a reservoir valve, a reservoir pump or an air inlet.

  • Compatible with fans, heaters, air inlets, lights and more
  • Manual command with visual status indicators for each output
  • Durable and hermetic casing
  • Potentiometer card for air inlet positionning optional
  • Current consumption indicator for each output
  • Available in 10-15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 relay versions

GENIUS Multizone Slave without variables adding relay outputs

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Possibility increase its capacity to a total of 10 0-10 Volt outputs and 120 relay outputs.

  • Compatible with fan, heater, air intakes, lights and more
  • Manual control with status indicator light for each variable output and relay
  • Potentiometer board for positioning the air inlets (optional)
  • Robust and airtight housing


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