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Pig sorter enclosureCBT-1/SW/KIT

Pig sorter enclosure

iTouch Controller MultizoneGE-ST40IVZ

iTouch Controller Multizone

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Multizone slave without variablesGE-SL040zAR

Multizone slave without variables

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Multizone slave with variablesGE-SL430zAR
Multizone slave

Multizone slave with variables

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Industrial PCNS-PC

Industrial PC

Pig Sorter controller good for up to 8 modulesGE-BTI

Pig Sorter controller good for up to 8 modules

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Multi Stage ControllerMD
Régulateur vitesse variable

Multi Stage Controller

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Display / interface for iTouch seriesTS

Display / interface for iTouch series

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Multiphase feeding moduleGE-NUTRI

Multiphase feeding module

ECS-C series controllerECS-C

ECS-C series controller

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GENIUS Controller 2 variable 8 ON/OFFGE-28

GENIUS Controller 2 variable 8 ON/OFF

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Weather stationMSTAT-1

Weather station

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