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iTouch Updates

To better our products and in reaction to international breakthroughs in agriculture, the iTouch series of controllers are regularly updated.

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May 2022  – New configuration available (CA2iT07V39) for iTouch Multi-Zone through WiFi download.

  • Addition of a stop condition for Feeder outputs when maximum current is reached, and display of this condition.
  • Addition of current temperature display for the air inlets (in Air Inlet Position Mode).
  • Modification of dehumidification protocols for the recuperator’s ventilators under absolute or relative instructions
  • Addition of current principal instruction display for zones in Summary
  • Addition of high temperature maximum speed for variable stages
  • Addition of a second X1276 (P17-P24)
  • Addition of daily weights for groups of pig sorters
  • Addition of a second Egg Saver output
  • Addition of gain and maximum weight for the pig sorter load cell
  • Addition of a display for an active stage (customizable stage mode) in Air Inlet Position Mode and Static Pressure Compensation Mode
  • Addition of on/off static pressure ventilators
  • Addition of CO2 output
  • Rectification of feeder input states when they are no longer assigned to inputs
  • Addition of a global egg-laying percentage
  • Addition of a display for the feed quantity distributed by silos according to their running time
  • Addition of an EPS-4 support
  • Addition of an OFF option for the recuperator’s high/low temperature alarm

October 2022 – New configuration (CA2iT08V4) available for iTouch 8-Zone through WiFi download.

  • Add a second X1276 (P17-P24).
  • Add variable heaters to the 0-10V outputs.
  • Add a group and water meter selection for the calculation of Global Water per Animal.
  • Add support for the SP1 pressure probe on the PRB4 multifunction input of GE-MOD modules.
  • Add a display of static pressure values in the Summary group.

August 2022 – New configuration (CA2iT05V13) available for iTouch Light through WiFi download.

  • Addition of the Precision+ mode for poultry scales.
  • Render daily the cumulated silo consumption.
  • Addition of two Minimum Ventilation timers per zone.
  • Addition of a Minimum Ventilation timer for variable recirculation ventilators.
  • Addition of a Minimum Temperature function for variable heaters.
  • Addition of a support for the GE-HUM+ humidity probe.
  • Display of assigned zones using A to D letters instead of numbers 1 to 4.
  • Addition of a curve option for the maximum speed of stage 1.
  • Addition of  a curve option for the minimum/maximum speed of variable recirculation ventilators.
  • Correction of minimum and maximum humidity.
  • Correction of air inlets and EA blowers when they are linked.
  • Correction of high temperature alarm activation when no probe is assigned to the zone.