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GE-NUTRI Multi-phase Feeding Control

Categories : Controllers and expansion modules, GENIUS Modules, Feed systems

This automatic system alimentaion can distribute several type of feed to animals. The GE-NUTRI can handle up to 4 different programs simultaneously. Each program can distribute feed up to 10 times a day (10 cycles). An alarm is there to detect if a bin is empty or one of the feed auger has a problem. When a problem occurs, a backup feed auger can be used instead of the faulty one

Precision feeding in fattening or farrowing has many advantages.

The multi-phase feeding for positive effect of  on growth performance and nitrogen output in slurry for growing – finishing pigs. See research report.

The GE-NUTRI Controller provides a normally open and normally closed dry contact to set off an alarm in case low or high temperature condition occurs. Moreover, this same contact can be used to signal a power failure or other malfunctions. It may be connected to an alarm system or directly to a siren and/or auto-dialer.

  • User-friendly interface (group buttons)
  • LCD display featuring 16 lines of 40 characters
  • Up to 1 alarm output
  • FarmQuest and WiFarm compatibility
  • Up to 12 relays (feeders, screws, actuators)
  • Up to 16 inputs (8 internal + 8 optional [X1399]), each input possibly being: Micro Switch, screws, feeders, transmission lines
  • 50 days of historical data for inputs and functioning

GE-NUTRI Controller compatible probes

Micro Switch On/off switch read by the controller

CSD-1 Current detector for feed augers.

Compatibility with the GE-NUTRI regulator

RF-IN2 Communication Module (Module inserted into the Genius Controller for a wireless communication with the computer interface)

Additional Probes 8 Inputs Board (X1399)

Communication Card (X1264)

Multi-phase Feeding Control

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  • Can manage 4 programs at the same time.
  • There is 5 programs type : multi-feed, feed auger, chain feeder, feed auger drop and chain feeder drop.
  • Alarm can detect empty bin or a default with a feed auger. When this alarm is reset, the system starts up where it let over.
  • The possibility to select a backup feed auger for each feed.
  • An alarm to detect positioning error. (Cool down mode and error reading the potentiometer). When this alarm situation is corrected, the system starts up where it let over.
  • After a power failure, the system restarts where it let over.
  • Possibility to choose which feed auger will be used for each of the 10 cycles.
  • Each feed auger has a unique feeding timer. This timer works by an On time and an Off time in multi-feed mode.
  • The status screens show the actual cycle, the time pas since the beginning of the cycle and when the next cycle start.
  • A manual override mode that lets the user controls the feed augers, the feeders, the positioning and start cycle.
  • Weight 9 lb (4.1 kg)
  • Size 14 1/2” x 13 1/4” x 5.5” (36 cm x 33 cm x 13.9 cm)
  • Protection index IP 66
  • Warranty 2 years

Multi-phase feeding control is beneficial for growth and decreases nitrogen emissions from pigs.

  • Can handle up to 4 different programs simultaneously.
  • FarmQuest and WiFarm compatibility
  • Up to 12 relays (feeders, screws, actuators)
  • 50 days of historical data for inputs and functioning
  • Protection index IP 66
  • Warranty 2 years

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