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Fuse GDC 0.125 + 4GDC

Fuse GDC 0.125 + 4

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Fuse GMC 0.125 + 1.5GMC

Fuse GMC 0.125 + 1.5

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Fuse 1A 5X20 fast action CSA216-001

Fuse 1A 5X20 fast action CSA

Fuse 20A 3AB slow-blow CSA326-020

Fuse 20A 3AB slow-blow CSA

Fuse 10A 3AB slow-blow CSA326-010

Fuse 10A 3AB slow-blow CSA

Fuse 5A 3AB slow-blow CSA326-005

Fuse 5A 3AB slow-blow CSA

Fuse 3A 3AB slow-blow CSA326-003

Fuse 3A 3AB slow-blow CSA

Stainless steel lock nutV50-0639

Stainless steel lock nut

AGI 1HP fan motor Agriculture and IndustrialV52-5145
Moteur AGI 1HP

AGI 1HP fan motor Agriculture and Industrial

Perch scale kit for hensGE-OPTIGAIN1BP/KIT

Perch scale kit for hens

Nutri-sow farrowing funnelNS-DISPENSER
Entonnoir alimentation mise bas

Nutri-sow farrowing funnel

Current detection counterCDC-4

Current detection counter

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