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Industrial controller design and manufacturing services

Monitrol designs and manufactures products for manufacturers and/or distributors according to their requirements and generally, under their own brand names.

No matter what your needs are, our experts can offer you commercially viable solutions. It is also possible to hook up, at no additional cost, the products we develop together as well as your clients to our FarmQuest online management tool.

Worldwide distributor of ventilation Full range of controllers including the iTouch, GE, AG, ECS and IC series. Many available evacuation and recirculation ventilators. Numerous heating and cooling systems, air inlets and actuators as well as replacement parts for air filtration and light management shutters.

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User-friendly controller with intuitive tactile interface. With a simple touch, you access all of the controller’s information and may modify its parameters. Designed by Monitrol, the Genius controller is sold in almost 30 countries, making it the world’s most widely distributed controller.

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Cloud-based system linked to Monitrol controllers allowing you to access, remotely, the information necessary to manage and optimize your farm’s operations. (for better control and management of your production and installations. Stay informed in real-time, 7/7, 24/24. Increase your production thanks to the information collected by our Genius controller

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