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Feed systems

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Industrial PCNS-PC

Industrial PC

28'' chip-reading stickGE-STICK

28” chip-reading stick

Farrowing feed unit with mixerNS-FU_KIT-A
unité d'alimentation mise bas

Farrowing feed unit with mixer

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Gestation feed unitNS-FS_KIT-RFID
Alimentation automatique truie

Gestation feed unit

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Control module for 1 or 2 heat lampsGE-LC1

Control module for 1 or 2 heat lamps

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Cover replacement card - (X1434)X1434_GE-LC2

Cover replacement card – (X1434)

Nutri-sow farrowing funnelNS-ELBOW
Coude Nutrisow mise bas

Nutri-sow farrowing funnel

Nutri-sow farrowing top partNS-COVER-TOP

Nutri-sow farrowing top part

Nutri-sow farrowing bottom partNS-COVER-BOTTOM

Nutri-sow farrowing bottom part

Nutri-sow farrowing capNS-CAP

Nutri-sow farrowing cap

Nutri-sow farrowing feed mixerNS-AGITATOR
agitateur moulée

Nutri-sow farrowing feed mixer

Nutri-sow worm screwNS-FEED-SCREW
Vis sans fin Nutri-Sow

Nutri-sow worm screw

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