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Feed systems

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Industrial PCNS-PC
PC Alimentation individuelle automatique des truies

Industrial PC

28'' chip-reading stickGE-STICK

28” chip-reading stick

Farrowing feed unit with mixerNS-FU_KIT-A
unité d'alimentation mise bas

Farrowing feed unit with mixer

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Electronic feed system for gestating sowsNS-FS_KIT-RFID
Alimentation automatique truie

Electronic feed system for gestating sows

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Nutri-sow farrowing feed mixerNS-AGITATOR
agitateur moulée

Nutri-sow farrowing feed mixer

Programmable chip accessoryNS-MSTE

Programmable chip accessory

RFID identification tag/chipBT-TAG_F
Tag RFID pour identification porc

RFID identification tag/chip

Tag reader panel for Nutri-sowNS-RFID
lecteur de tag porc

Tag reader panel for Nutri-sow

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