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Multizone iTouch slaveSlave

Multizone iTouch slave

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Lighting Management ModuleGE-V2/LED-DL
gestion lumière

Lighting Management Module

Monitoring System Electrical InstallationGE-FarmGuard
FarmGuard Surveillance Électrique

Monitoring System Electrical Installation

Electrical monitoring moduleEPS
Electrical monitoring module

Electrical monitoring module

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1 to 4 Variable Stages ModuleGE-V
Variable Stages Module

1 to 4 Variable Stages Module

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8 input card (X1399)GE-SLINPUT-8
8 input card

8 input card (X1399)

GE-25 air inlet moduleGE-AIR
Module entrée d'air GE-AIR

GE-25 air inlet module

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4-relay module with switchGE-R4

4-relay module with switch

0-10 V module for GENIUS controllerGE-M010
0-10 V module

0-10 V module for GENIUS controller

Lightning protection moduleGE-LIM
protection foudre

Lightning protection module