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iTouch Smart Controller Multizone

Categories : iTouch GENIUS series, Controllers and expansion modules, Ventilation

As a recognized leader in smart controllers aimed at the agricultural sector, Monitrol greatly facilitates remote livestock management for all types of animal production through the FarmQuest application.

  • The world-renowned iTouch series allows for real-time access and 24/7 management of farm installations
  • Cutting-edge technology facilitating the management of ambient air (ventilation, heating, humidity, static pressure, CO2, etc.), animal populations, feed levels/consumption, lighting, and more
  • Your yearly historical and current data is accessible to simplify report management and communication with your stakeholders
  • 100% FarmQuest compatible, this cloud-based system is essential in optimizing your production efficiency!

Controller with user-friendly interface and tactile color display

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Technical specifications

The GENIUS controller helps you manage any type of production (Cattle, Poultry, Swine, Goat, Sheep, Horticultural)

  • Generate real-time data
  • Record your historical data across many years
  • Pre-record future batches
  • Fill out the necessary inspection forms (ACP, COSPOC, OFFSAP, CQA, etc.)
  • Data may automatically be sent to: veterinarians, slaughterhouses, mills, hatcheries, etc.
  • Access your data 24/7 with FarmQuest online service and make informed decisions
  • Easy navigation with hot keys and previous screen key
    • Up to 80 relays with slaves
      • NC/NO alarm
      • 9 indoors temperatures sensors and 1 outdoor sensor
      • Output Variable Triac and 0-10V
      • 1 potentiometer board
    • Up to 40 ON-OFF outputs
      • Variable Stage, Stir Fan
      • ON/OFF Stages
      • Heating
      • Clock
      • Sprinkler/Mist
      • Inflated curtain
      • Air inlet
      • Light
      • Feeder
      • Feeding screw
      • Feed auger and more
    • Possibility of 40 inputs and more

Many applications are available at no additional cost :

  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Inventory control of animals & feed
  • Livestock weighing
  • Feeding
  • Water consumption management
  • Static pressure
  • Humidity
  • Lighting

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