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Smart Controller MultizoneiTouch
contrôle intelligent

Smart Controller Multizone

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Multizone slave without variablesSlave
esclave ventilation

Multizone slave without variables

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Multizone slave with variablesSlave Var
exclave multizone

Multizone slave with variables

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Multi Stage ControllerMD
Régulateur vitesse variable

Multi Stage Controller

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Multi-phase Feeding ControlGE-NUTRI
contrôle alimentation multi-phase

Multi-phase Feeding Control

ECS-C series controllerECS-C
control Varifan ECS-8C

ECS-C series controller

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GE-L2 Light ControlGE-L2
contrôle éclairage

GE-L2 Light Control

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GENIUS Controller 2 variable 8 ON/OFFGE-28-serie
gestion ventilation variable

GENIUS Controller 2 variable 8 ON/OFF

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Monitoring System Electrical InstallationFarmGuard
FarmGuard Surveillance Électrique

Monitoring System Electrical Installation

Lighting Management ModuleGE-V2/LED
Controle Eclairage LED

Lighting Management Module

GENIUS Controller 2 variable 5 ON/OFFGE-25
Régulateur variables GE-25

GENIUS Controller 2 variable 5 ON/OFF

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ECS-M series controllerECS-M
régulateur ventilateur

ECS-M series controller

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